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miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

Nuevos discos: Fractal re-edición y Los Pimpollos

Here on Superspace Records are pretty happy because finally we'll be able to release the 1998's tape of FRACTAL in a cool new re-edition that will blow your minds with its georgeous mixture of space-rock, ambient and electronics for sure!!!!

It will come with the remastered self titled tape plus the reunion concert of last year and some beautiful gifts as bonus  


Also, we are working on the disc by PIMPOLLO FENICIO & PIMPOLLO PERSA -Gabriel Castillo and Wilder Gonzales- that is sounding transgressively beautiful. Imagine the sound of an unicorn lost in a spaceship and surrounded by babies playing toys, that is Los Pimpollos.

And here is a piece of the future release by them:

Expect more news from us soon and don't forget:
Everything that doesn't elevate, lets down )))))) ))  ))))

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