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lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012

Fósiles 2012 released now!!! (((Goodbye 2012)))

Here at the Superspace ship are happy and proud to announce the world the release of the performance done by sound artists The Ex Girlfriends Dead, Joel Rojas and Fractal during the 3rd day of Fósiles de Futuros Lejanos 2012 Festival held at Centro Cultural de España in Lima - Perú last July.

The sound of this recording is really awesome as you can hear almost every electronic vibration and the colourful oscillations and FX the non-musicians performed on stage. Fósiles 2012 is a great document of what we wanted to achieve and gift the people who attended to the 3 days of the Festival.
Feel free to download it as it is also FREE.

A metamusical way to say goodbye to this great 2012 here at Superspace on North Lima, Perú
See you in the future!!!!

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012

THE PERUVIAN RED ROCKETS - Radiación (Superspace Records, 2010)

sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

Reseña del "Izados 3" de Fractal & Eye

OK, let's make this very clear from the start: we're talking proper niche market stuff here. If you're not in the mood for listening to lengthy, ambient, instrumental drones then you're best bet it to stop reading right here and check out some of the free MP3s we posted earlier today. This split album (and by album, that is three tracks spread over around 45 minutes) is the latest on Peruvian label Super Space Records and teams up Peruvian artist Fractal(who gets one track) with Argentinian project Eye (who are given the other two). Calling any of this trio "songs" would be pushing it a bit, they're better off being labelled as abstract sound pieces. 

Eye's 'Glacier' doesn't exactly burst in to action, but then it's got quarter of an hour to do its business in so why would it? Following the grindingly slow opening few minutes of build-up, the track begins to hiss and fuzz rhythmically, a bit like taking an old Kraftwerk tape and stretching it as far as you can without it snapping. It creates a mood alright, but whether or not you'll enjoy it depends on how open your mind is to truncated repetition with very little variation. The choice to pair this track up with two from the Argentine noisemakers is a good one, as they trade in similarly drawn-out anti-songs. 

The steady hum of 'Hz' eventually morphs itself into a quiet throbbing, industrial oddity before an increasing set of rapid electrical pulses jitter into action. It's a bit like listening to an old dial-up internet system trying to connect. Only much much longer. There's a few moments respite before a monotonous alarm sounds, leading us into a finale of what sounds like being trapped inside a giant lazer generator. If that seems odd then they follow it with the equally baffling 'Alejado', a quiet drone of epic proportions that steadily shifts, ending in the nearest the album comes to actual music. It's an unsettling listen and those of a nervous disposition will struggle, but it's great to hear something created with literally no compromise whatsoever. Is it any good? I'm buggered if I know. 



martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Reseña del "Soul Surfing" de Orange Cake Mix

Album review by KevW 
This article also appears on 

Jim Rao has been making music as Orange Cake Mix for over two decades and his output has been so incredibly prolific that it's too much to list here, but the trip has seen him take in melodic 60s and 70s AM radio influences as well as ambient analogue electronics, all of which has been home-recorded on a trusty four-track. Despite being based in Bristol, Connecticut, and never having toured, his music has slowly spread the globe seeing releases on dozens of labels from the US to Spain, Japan and his latest on Peru based Superspace Records. 

 'Soul Surfing' is an almost entirely instrumental work, using washes of sound that have filtered down through Silver Apples, Cluster, Spacemen 3 and My Bloody Valentine, but veer towards the more mellow work created by these predecessors. Guitars are treated, dubbed, reversed and distorted. The excellent psychedelic swirl of 'Running Out Of Sky' could have come directly from Lazer Guided Melodies-era Spiritualized and there are many more rich space-drones to be found on the album; the bubbling 'Pacific Coast Highway Revisited/Exit To Nowhere' being another highlight. 

 This is very much a record for those who like their drones woozy and extended and is unlikely to appeal to fans of straight-up pop thrills. If you are of the ambient/shoegaze/kraut/dreampop persuasion then this selection of hazey, sweeping delights will tick plenty of boxes, from the gentle strum and Spectrum-esque synth swoops of 'Other Gardens' through to the warped sitar hum of 'Krishna Vision #4', you should find 'Soul Surfing' a highly intoxicating journey. 


jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

Fractal & Eye split just released !!

So continuing with releases March saw the publication of the split by Fractal -from Perú- with argentinian project Eye.

It is a split and a collaboration, it includes one track by project and also a piece made by both sound artists recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The disc is full of ambient, well andean ambient, kosmogonic landspaces and cold sensations. You can stream or download it here:

sábado, 7 de abril de 2012

Orange Cake Mix release on Superspace!!!

Very proud here on the Superspace ship announce the whole world that one of our heroes, Jim Rao from ORANGE CAKE MIX, has released a collection of songs through our label!!!!!

The disc is called "Soul Surfing" and it's full of spacey guitars and sonic blissful experiments that has been a trademark of Jim Rao since the precious 90's

You can download/stream "Soul Surfing" here:

Free your Soul ::::::: 
with us 


jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

Tica's new release on Superspace

Superspace records proudly announce the world its new release: "El otro lado de la Flor" by peruvian ethereal noisy band, TICA. 

The disc documents an accoustic show that took place in Lima on 2010. You will listen to their sonic assaults free from guitar noise, instead of that Tica shows us the other side of the ether/of the flower a side full of beautiful exorcisms, andean poetry and bliss


you can buy the disc for 5 us$ or go to the site and stream it in hi-fi 

Long life the ether transgressor of all!!!!!!!

viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Superspace Records put its catalogue on Bandcamp !!!

Here at Superspace ship have taken the decision of upload our catalogue so everyone in everywhere of the world can stream and buy our discs for a cheap price, discs are often LESS than 5 US$!! 

so here you have most of our dreams come true for make a change in the world or just because that's how we are or how the Superspace is!!!!!!


there are still some discs left for the upload so stay tuned!!!!!!


domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

"Taste This Bliss" for streaming now on Superspace's Bandcamp!

We are very happy to annouce the whole world that the compilation of our founder, "Taste This Bliss", is now available for you to check it out before you buy it on bandcamp

Keep the ethereal dreams alive beautiful souls!!!

lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012


Glad SUPERSPACE RECORDS announce we have just put online the 2006 american compilation, CAMINANDO SOBRE NUBES -Tr.: Walking above clouds- a disc we put with the people of the, now defunct, local magazine Freak Out!

Then we contacted all the bands via emails and myspaces -yeah, those days myspace was the thing!- and several musicians and friends wanted to be into the project
some others asked for a lot of money for just a song and that's why we couldn't put them 

I'd like to say a big thank you to all the people involved, specially to ALL the bands/musicians who generously give us their art for sharing with people from Perú first and after 6 years with all the world via our bandcamp:

So we are starting 2012 with some unbelievable works of art here on SUPERSPACE )))))))))) 
Stay tuned and feel free!!

sábado, 14 de enero de 2012

Reseña de "Solo Para Dementes" de Hamann y Fractal

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that this could be ATTN’s first contact with Peruvian improvisatory music, and it’s nice to be able to commemorate such an occasion with a positive review. Solo Para Dementesbrings together Wilder Gonzales A. (aka Fractal) on the oscillator and Herrmann Hamann on the Electribe (an analogue modelling synthesizer by Korg). Credit is due to the pair for making such a minimal setup sound like the buzzing, flashing control panel of a futuristic mothership – or the buzz of electricity escaping angry out of loose circuitry, or the electronic swoops of alien communication – all without losing that secondary mental image of two musicians immersed in a very reactive live collaboration. 

Often these pieces have a texture that pulses continuously from beneath, so as to give the more freeform noises sturdy anchorage. But it’s not a simple case of leaving one synthesizer running while anarchically twiddling the knobs of another; each element is going through subtle tweaks and slight shape-shifts all the time, and the pace at which the two collaborators take each piece between states is marvellously judged: slow enough to dazzle the listener with its addictive repetition, while progressive enough to steer each composition through an absorbing narrative. With the 14 minutes of “Orates 1”, Solo Para Dementes achieves the perfect mix – cycling through flickers of cyborg fireworks and steady drones that gradually start to dance under the force of the rhythm juddering through them. 

Sometimes they try and force movement where stasis would best suit, sending synthesizers through clichéd pitch slides of overdoses of delay pedal that take the album dangerously near to noisy indulgence. The further the Hamann and Fractal stay from the criminally overused techniques in this sort of electronic noise, the better – they keep clear well enough for the most part, and it all means that Solo Para Dementes manages to stay engrossing a good 90% of the time. Recommended stuff, particularly for those who like their noise to sound like the preparatory cockpit procedures prior to the launch of a futuristic rocket. 



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