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lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012

Fósiles 2012 released now!!! (((Goodbye 2012)))

Here at the Superspace ship are happy and proud to announce the world the release of the performance done by sound artists The Ex Girlfriends Dead, Joel Rojas and Fractal during the 3rd day of Fósiles de Futuros Lejanos 2012 Festival held at Centro Cultural de España in Lima - Perú last July.

The sound of this recording is really awesome as you can hear almost every electronic vibration and the colourful oscillations and FX the non-musicians performed on stage. Fósiles 2012 is a great document of what we wanted to achieve and gift the people who attended to the 3 days of the Festival.
Feel free to download it as it is also FREE.

A metamusical way to say goodbye to this great 2012 here at Superspace on North Lima, Perú
See you in the future!!!!

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