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martes, 14 de junio de 2011

New disc: FRACTAL & ACID CALL - Verano Infinito

We are very proud to offer you one of the milestones of new south american psychedelia with this disc which brings wonderful jamming session by chilean act ACID CALL with peruvian post-rocker FRACTAL.

The session took place on summer of 2008 and has seen the light of day just today for your listening enlightment.

We are sure you will love this beautiful artifact of electronic psychedelia, spacey minimalism and stoned landscapes. Stay tuned for more Superspace releases...

Verano Infinito

1. Verano infinito

2. Estrella atmosférica
3. Acid kids in the sun
4. Astro soul

released 14 June 2011

Martín Kaulen - keyboard and voice
Wilder Gonzales - oscillator, maracas and voice
Ignacio Gatica - keyboard, maracas and voice

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